Dentures help to restore your smile and support your facial appearance.

Dentures are custom-made devices to restore the appearance and function of missing teeth and surrounding tissues. These prosthetic devices can be made to address your specific situation, depending on the number of teeth missing. Both full and partial dentures are removable.

When you have several teeth missing from different areas of your upper or lower jaw, a partial denture can restore your biting and chewing abilities as well as bring back a beautiful smile and retain the shape of your mouth. They can be either fixed or removable and can be designed to use adjoining teeth as support or be secured by dental implants which are titanium screws that are permanently placed in your jawbone. A removable partial denture is either held in place by clasps that hook on to adjoining teeth or by securing to the abutments of titanium screws that are implanted in your jawbone. Partial dentures are easily removed for brushing and cleaning.

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