Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges can help restore function and appearance to your smile.

A crown is generally placed on top of a damaged tooth, which allows for an improvement in appearance and alignment. Crowns can also be placed on top of implants for similar reasons. The color of the crown is closely matched to your existing teeth. Bridges may be a good solution if you are missing one or more teeth.

The teeth around the empty space are used as abutments, or anchors, for the bridge that will span the space. As a result, balance, function, and esthetic will be restored where the tooth was once missing. Both crowns and bridges are permanently cemented and cannot be removed unless by your dentist.

Our office is special in that we take digital impressions, in place of gooey and messy trays using the 3M Intraoral Scanner to create the crowns and bridges. This scanner takes a 3D digital impression that we can send to our labs electronically. Not only does this allow for a better patient experience but results in quicker and more precise results.

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